Located at 42C Riel Dr our facilities are over 2400 square feet. We sell memberships, uniforms and other equipment students may require for class. We have great new mats! We also offer rental of our facilities for other instructors and some other events.


The combat sport with no punching and no kicking. Judo has the same benefits as other martial arts such as Karate and TaeKwonDo by providing confidence and discipline but without the punching or kicking. Judo is all about having control, not about being the strongest. While size and strength help, Judo is all about using your opponents’ movements against them.

Judo is many things to different people. It is a fun sport, an art, a discipline, a recreational and social activity, a fitness program, a means of self-defense and combat, and a way of life. It is all of these and more.