St. Albert

About Us

We are a 30 plus year non-profit community member organization that teaches people of all ages the sport of judo! We operate out of a purpose built facility which has 2,400 sq ft on the main level and 700 sq ft on the second level for observation. Our club has 1800 sq ft of mats with a multi level cushioned floor, padded walls, ceiling fans, and an air exchanger that moves the air every 17 minutes.

We run three levels of Judo, based on age:
  • Kinder judo, ages 3 to 6, once per week
  • Junior: aimed at 6 to 12 years olds
  • Senior class aimed at 13 year olds and up

Kinder judo is a once a week program on Saturdays and is a real intro level to kids that focuses on fun, balance, technical, and building respect in sport.

Junior and senior classes, which are multi times per week, really hone into the technical aspect of judo and in the timelines we also work on applications in a competitive environment. This video provides you a bit of a overview of what we teach, with complexity increasing of course with age.


Judo is an Olympic Sport, practiced by more than 20 million individuals worldwide and is undoubtedly the most popular combat sport in the world. Judo by its nature, combines physical activity, self-defense skills, and discipline. If you want to become physically healthy, mentally well, and build confidence, self-esteem, and respect for others, you should try judo, a lifelong sport.


The St. Albert Judo Club, a non-profit organization run by very devoted instructors, has been operating in the community for approaching thirty-five years. We have a substantial number of Black Belt instructors who have had success in the sport and in their lives from their involvement in Judo. Our purpose-built facility is designed for judo to ensure the safety of all participants and we are all eager to improve the quality of people's lives through the camaraderie and skill of the sport of Judo.

Judo at the St. Albert Judo Club is a regular bargain compared to most sports!

You are however required to purchase a uniform, which we source from a Canadian martial arts supplier and former Canadian Olympian, and the cost ranges from $60 and up, depending on size and your longer term plans. They last like iron, for kids, they grow out of them before they are required to be replaced, the same really for adults! Competitive judoka require a white and a blue judogi to allow the refs to differentiate between the athletes.

All participants are required to complete an application form which also includes an appropriate waiver and we ask that members arrive a few minutes before class to ensure our start and stop times are good.

We have numerous Black Belt instructors of all shapes and sizes who love the sport and contribute their time to the club for the benefit of the club members.

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Judo helps instill mental focus in your child, giving them the ability to concentrate and see tasks through to the end. Judo is about respecting yourself and those around you.
Unlike other martial arts Judo teaches you how to defend yourself without any kicking or punching. In the dojo we teach you how to avoid dangerous situations.
No matter what your current fitness level Judo will improve your balance, coordination and general conditioning. If you are looking to lose weight, Judo can burn over 700 calories every hour!