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Thank you for your interest in registering for St Albert Judo club!

We are a 30 plus year non-profit community member organization that teaches people of all ages the sport of judo! We operate out of a purpose built facility which has 2,400 sq ft on the main level and 700 sq ft on the second level for observation. Our club has 1800 sq ft of mats with a multi level cushioned floor, padded walls, ceiling fans, and an air exchanger that moves the air every 17 minutes.

We run three levels of Judo, based on age:
  • Kinder judo, ages 3 to 6, once per week
  • Junior: aimed at 6 to 12 years olds
  • Senior class aimed at 13 year olds and up

Kinder judo is a once a week program on Saturdays and is a real intro level to kids that focuses on fun, balance, technical, and building respect in sport.

Junior and senior classes, which are multi times per week, really hone into the technical aspect of judo and in the timelines we also work on applications in a competitive environment. This video provides you a bit of a overview of what we teach, with complexity increasing of course with age.

Classes run officially from mid September to the end of May, but for the older crowd, we often continue with summer judo, a lighter version of the regular season.

Costs are very low for a sport with:

  • Kinder judo is $225 for the whole season
  • Junior and senior classes are $425 for the whole season

Judo at the St. Albert Judo Club is a regular bargain compared to most sports!

You are however required to purchase a uniform, which we source from a Canadian martial arts supplier and former Canadian Olympian, and the cost ranges from $40 and up, depending on size and your longer term plans. They last like iron, for kids, they grow out of them before they are required to be replaced, the same really for adults! Competitive judoka require a white and a blue judogi to allow the refs to differentiate between the athletes.

All participants are required to complete an application form which also includes an appropriate waiver and we ask that members arrive a few minutes before class to ensure our start and stop times are good.

We have numerous Black Belt instructors of all shapes and sizes who love the sport and contribute their time to the club for the benefit of the club members.

To all existing and potential St Albert judo club members, we advise we are continuing to take registrations for classes in our three age categories which are detailed on our website. Registration and classes will take place tonight at our 42C Riel Drive location.

With the recent rise of Covid we decided to utilize the Restrictions Exceptions Program outlined by the Government of Alberta. We determined that if we did not use the Program we would have to operate only some youth and the children's classes. By using the Program, we believe we will be able to keep most of our members happy and allow us to safely introduce Judo to new members.

We note this position is being observed by all greater Edmonton and Calgary Judo Clubs in an effort to positively impact the elimination of this virus. Hopefully this is a short term scenario and we can all get on with our lives soon.

St Albert Judo Club Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) Procedures

Starting September 20th 2021, St Albert Judo Club will be following the Restrictions Exemption Program outlined by the Government of Alberta. This will mean all members and volunteers aged 12 and over must provide one of the following:

To access the Judo Club, the following procedures must be followed by all participants (instructors, assistants, students, and volunteers).

Personal Identification

  • Individuals who 18 years of age or older must present personal ID
  • Proof of identity can be established using documentation issued by an institution or public body, provided it includes the name of the holder and date of birth.
  • Examples of identification documents that may be used to confirm the identity of the holder of the vaccine receipt include:
  • Birth certificate,
  • Citizenship card,
  • Driver’s licence,
  • Government (Alberta or other) issued identification card, including health card,
  • Metis card, Treaty card, Inuit Status card, or
  • Passport, or
  • Permanent Resident card.
  • Photo identification is not required.

Screening Procedure

St Albert Judo Club will screen all participants for one of the following at the point of entry.

  • Proof of vaccination; or
  • Proof of a negative privately-paid test result from a sample that is taken within the prior 72 hours (Results from Alberta Health Services are not eligible for consideration for this program), or
  • An original (non-copied) medical exemption letter.

Proof of vaccination includes:

  • A picture or paper record of a valid Alberta Health Services, MyHealth Records, pharmacy, First Nations, or physician immunization record prominently displaying the name, type of vaccine and date of administration, or
  • Canadian armed forces immunization record, displaying the name, type of vaccine and date of administration, or
  • An immunization record from another Canadian Province or Territory, displaying the name, type of vaccine and date of administration, or
  • Valid Government of Alberta Vaccination QR code (when available).

Proof of a negative test result

The test result should be a written or printed copy that indicates the individual has tested negative for COVID-19 on a Health Canada approved rapid antigen, rapid PCR, or lab based PCR test approved by Health Canada or the lab accreditation body of jurisdiction.

  • It must clearly outline the laboratory that completed the test if applicable (e.g., DynaLIFE), the type of test, time of sample collection, and clear indication of a negative result.
  • A picture of a rapid test result taken off site is not sufficient for this purpose.
  • Individuals must not bring completed rapid tests or self-tests to operators, as they can pose a communicable disease risk.
  • Testing must not be sourced from the Alberta Health Services public COVID-19 testing system.

This system is currently reserved for symptomatic individuals and those in outbreak situations. If an individual has COVID-19 symptoms, they must isolate.

A valid Medical Exemption

A valid medical exemption is the original signed letter from a physician or nurse practitioner that includes:

  • The name of the person in the written documentation that matches the identification provided.
  • The physician’s or nurse practitioner’s information is complete by including:
  • Name, phone number, contact information, professional registration number, and signature of the physician or nurse practitioner;
  • Statement that there is a medical reason for the individual’s exemption from being fully vaccinated against COVID-19; and
  • The duration that the exemption is valid.

Screening documentation will be scanned, photocopied or photographed to provide evidence should an audit be requested.


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Judo helps instill mental focus in your child, giving them the ability to concentrate and see tasks through to the end. Judo is about respecting yourself and those around you.
Unlike other martial arts Judo teaches you how to defend yourself without any kicking or punching. In the dojo we teach you how to avoid dangerous situations.
No matter what your current fitness level Judo will improve your balance, coordination and general conditioning. If you are looking to lose weight, Judo can burn over 700 calories every hour!