St. Albert


Thank you for your interest in registering for St. Albert Judo club!

If you require further details about our club, kindly refer to the 'About Us' page. Alternatively, you can also complete the form located under the 'Questions?' section below.

St. Albert Judo Club Fees 2023/2024

Total Annual Fees including Judo Canada Fees and Judo Alberta Fees

Class 2023/2024 Fee * Registration form
Kinder Class / Ages 3 - 6 $250 2023/2024 Youth Registration Form
Junior Class / Ages 7 - 12 $500 2023/2024 Youth Registration Form
Senior Class / Ages 13+ $500 2023/2024 Adult Registration Form
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Judo helps instill mental focus in your child, giving them the ability to concentrate and see tasks through to the end. Judo is about respecting yourself and those around you.
Unlike other martial arts Judo teaches you how to defend yourself without any kicking or punching. In the dojo we teach you how to avoid dangerous situations.
No matter what your current fitness level Judo will improve your balance, coordination and general conditioning. If you are looking to lose weight, Judo can burn over 700 calories every hour!